Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Desperately seeking happiness

One of the films I enjoy watching whenever I need a dose of inspiration is Hector and the Search for Happiness. In it, Hector (Simon Pegg) goes to Shanghai, Nepal, Africa and Los Angeles to research happiness. What's amazing about the film is as enviable as the places that Hector visited were, it doesn't just make you want to travel. It gets you excited about the people you're going to meet and the lessons you're going to learn wherever life's road may take you.

One of the many quotable quotes from the movie is this:

How many of us, I wonder, can recall that childhood moment when we experienced happiness as a state of being, that single moment of untarnished joy, that moment when everything in our world, inside and out, was alright? Everything was alright. 
Now, we've become a colony of adults and everything is all wrong, all the time. It's as if we were on a quest to get it back and yet the more we focus on our personal happiness, the more it eludes us. In fact, it's only when we are otherwise engaged—you know, focused, absorbed, inspired, communicating, discovering, learning, dancing, for heaven's sake—that we experience happiness as a byproduct, a side effect. Oh no, we should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness but with the happiness of pursuit.

I know reviews of this film aren't all that great, but if you're in as chaotic a place in your life as I am right now, go watch it and maybe you'll find some inspiration too.

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