Monday, March 07, 2016

Taboo with friends

The game Taboo has been around since 1989, but it wasn't until 2008 that I got introduced to it. I was in training at Convergys with a dozen or so new-hires and, language training being a prerequisite to becoming a call center agent, we had to endure all sorts of front-of-the-class situations to get us to converse fluently in English. Least humiliating of all these was playing Taboo.

My team always won, but this came at a price. While we relished every point we gained, our trainer Kodi relished every opportunity to document our hilarious statements on her blog. I couldn't recall the address, but I remember being included in one entry:

"paw: the hand of a dog"

Of course, what I meant was "the equivalent of a human hand in a dog," which is a paw (which my team got correctly anyway), but in the interest of time I said it much more succinctly.

I've tried using different Google search terms to locate said blog entry, but the blog itself must have already been taken down by Kodi. To preserve the tradition, though, here are some of my current work friends' most hilarious Taboo moments:

Belle: "Eto, sinasakyan niyo 'to pero pangmaramihan!" ("This is a type of public transport that can carry a lot of people!")
Us: "Bus?"
Belle shakes her head.
Us: "Van?"
Belle (nodding): "Pero Tagalog!" ("But in Tagalog!")
Us: "Ban!"

Belle: "Anong ginagawa niyo kapag tapos na kumanta?" ("What do you do after singing?")
Us: "Bow?"
Belle (nodding): "Pero English!" ("But in English!")
Us: "Vow!"

Kennan: "Kabaligtaran ng 'hindi!'" ("The antonym of 'hindi!'")
Us: "Oo?"
Kennan: "ENGLISH!"
Us: "Yes?"
Kennan: "BISAYA!"
One of us: "Yeast?"

Belle: "C5! C1... C2..." (motions for us to continue)
Us: "C3? C4? C5? C6?"
Belle (pointing to us excitedly): "SINGULAR!"
One of us: "C-sic?"
(Belle squirms with even more excitement and I take a few moments before I realize what the answer is: "seasick.")

My friends might just be too witty for their own good.

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