Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To Tess, with love

Several months ago, a woman named Maritess Morillo came into my friend Cams' employ as cook and assistant. But Tess, as she likes to be called (though that has not stopped us from playfully calling her by many other nicknames), was more than just a kitchen goddess who very ably tended to Cams' needs, culinary or otherwise, as she recuperated from her injuries. She has become a dear friend to Cams, me and everyone around her in Manila.

Being a full-blooded BatangueƱa, she has also taught us many words, most of which I was able to note down on my phone for future reference:

  1. Ukit - likot ("Ang ukit-ukit naman ni Johann eh!")
  2. Utay-utayin - unti-untiin
  3. Barik - lasing, nakainom ("Para kang barik!")
  4. Utas - patay ("Utas kakatawa eh!")
  5. Hasing-hasi - gustong-gusto
  6. Usbaw - baliw
  7. Guyam - langgam
  8. Malubay - malambot
  9. Hunta - usap ("Hindi ka naman kasali sa huntahan!")
  10. Pulong - usap
  11. Baktot - piggyback, buhat
  12. Latiti - landi ("Nakikipaglatiti ka na naman!")
  13. Umis - ngiti ("Ang ganda ng umis eh! Sino kaya ang ka-text?")
  14. Babag - away, suntukan
  15. Galpong - ground coffee, latak na kape
  16. Ir-ir - grate
  17. Bangi - grill
  18. Sakol - magkamay (use hands when eating)
  19. Asbar - hampas
  20. Dais-dais - lapit-lapit, tabi-tabi

That list doesn't cover everything, nor does it capture how entertaining Tess is when she says those words. Tess, we might poke fun at you for sounding so angry most of the time (because of your accent), being somewhat gullible and having enormous you-know-whats, but you're one of the sweetest, most talented girls we've met and you know we love you as family. We will miss you and your deviled eggs, cordon bleu, leche flan and other unbelievably delicious recipes. See you in Singapore next year...and promise to let us dine for free when you finally have your very own restaurant!

Still keeping the promise that I won't post your unflattering candid shots, Tess. But always remember that I have them. For possible use in the future. Haha.

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