Friday, February 04, 2011

Desensitization, Part Un

I have a gay friend I always ride the mini-bus with from work who, when he sees young doe-eyed couples walking by hand-in-hand and he's feeling extra crazy, shouts at them, "Magbe-break din kayo! (Your relationship won't last forever!)". I don't think he's just being bitter when he does that because he was still in a relationship the first time he did that with me. But I think that says a lot about people and their perspective on relationships: You can only be so idealistic and hopeful before you've actually gone through your first real breakup. The one that really hurts. The one with that person whom you thought you'd spend foreverandallthatgoodstuff with. Usually the very first one.

It's already February and that dreaded holiday that makes establishments spew hearts, cupids and roses is fast approaching. Seven months ago I had my first real relationship, and two months later my first real breakup. I don't regret anything (the story is actually quite worthy of being turned into a novel or film) but I'd like to get back to my old cynical-about-love self already. That guy always had his guard up. Though he missed out on romance a lot, at least his heart was protected. I like that guy. And I'd like to become him again to protect whatever pieces remain of my heart.

The great thing about being sick, apart from weight loss, is all the free time. In bed, at least. So I've devised a plan of action: watch romance films all day long in bed and blog about them! I've lined up 12 movies and I've watched 8 so far. The remaining 4—maybe I'll add more—I'll watch in the following days before February 14th. This much exposure to cheesiness can be bad, sure, but come Valentine's Day I should already be immune to tender feelings begotten when sighting couples being sweet to each other in public.

This isn't torture or masochism. This is what we call desensitization.

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glentot said...

Maybe you should do a horror movie fest instead. Nothing screams love like a severed head or a rotting corpse.

Lee Flailmarch said...

I don't particularly like horror movies. Maybe dark films as a compromise? We'll see.