Thursday, January 20, 2011

I blog again

Hey. I go by so many names now that I don't know what to introduce myself as anymore. Most people know me as Myk. Among the people from the last two companies I've worked for I am known as John or Johann. Among family I am known as Mikki. You can call me either of those names, but call me Mikki and you better have proof that you're related to me by blood.

I've been blogging since 2002 when I was a high school junior, encouraged by my classmate Angela and Mitchie who was a senior and my superior in the Cadet Officers Candidate Course (COCC). Aside from the writing part, I also enjoyed the designing of my blog and even that of other friends' who also eventually got into blogging. I changed blog names and domain hosts many times until I decided on Lee Flailmarch, which is an anagram of my name, and stayed with Blogger. I've tried Tumblr, which is basically blogging and media sharing for the lazy, and I've become part of YouTube's vlogging community. But I prefer Blogger for three reasons: I have my archives here; too many people are already on Tumblr (and as a general rule I prefer to stay away from the crowd); and Blogger is to Tumblr as books are to e-books.

Though I have my archives here, I won't be making them public. I like to think of them as the scribblings of five-year-old me: not for sharing with everyone, as some of them are silly and painful just to look at, but for fond reminiscing. I might think of my future entries the same and decide to stack them in a corner of my account too. But even if they're silly and painful even just to look at, one thing I want to make sure they are now is honest.

And so I blog again.

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